E-resources of NISPEZ are available on the website of CVTI SR: http://ezproxy.cvtisr.sk/

Since September 2021, the Scientific Library of CVTI SR provides free online registration to licensed electronic information resources (e-resources) for its users.

Terms of use of NISPEZ e-resources

Institutions and their users involved in the project undertake to comply with the licensing terms for accessing and using the EIR. The document sets out in detail and obligatorily the rights and obligations, authorizations and commitments of the contracting parties and their authorized users regarding access to EIR and providing support for their use.

In general, downloading full texts using any robots or other programs for automatic and accelerated data downloading is prohibited. Under the applicable licenses, users are allowed to browse, print or store full-text articles for their own use, including in electronic form, but bulk data downloads, their further distribution or commercial use are not allowed.

Non-compliance with licensing terms may result in the blocking of access to EIR.

EIR made available under the NISPEZ project are funded by the European Regional Development Fund from the Research and Development Operational Program, and their use is exclusively intended for the scientific research community in Slovakia.

  • Licensed databases (accessible with library card/library pass): EBSCO, Scopus, WoS, etc.
  • Free databases

Main available databases within the NISPEZ project (click on the database logo to open):


















Electronic resources (Open Access)






Other electronic sources:

 Electronic Journals Library (EZB)

Journal of Visualized Experiments

You can view the full list of databases on the http://ezproxy.cvtisr.sk/ website!

EISZ – Electronic Information Service National Programme

The databases listed below have been available since February 25, 2019 through our university’s internal network via the Electronic Information Service National Program (EISZ) by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of the Republic of Hungary. For further detailed information about the program, please visit the website http://eisz.mtak.hu.

Institutional coordinator:  PaedDr. Valach Andrea, e-mail: valacha@ujs.sk

   Akadémiai Kiadó Magyar Elektronikus Referenciamű Szolgáltatás (MeRSZ)http://mersz.hu/



Akadémiai Kiadó Szótárai – http://www.szotar.net/



Kronosz Kiadó – https://www.szaktars.hu/kronosz/






Osiris Kiadó – https://www.szaktars.hu/osiris/



Szaktudás Kiadó – https://www.szaktars.hu/szaktudas/



Tinta Könyvkiadó – SzóTudásTár – https://szotudastar.hu/


Typotex – Interkönyv – https://edu.interkonyv.hu/