The history of the University Library of Selye János University began in 2004. The initial collection consisted of 5000 copies of books donated to the university by the National Széchényi Library in Budapest. This collection was further expanded in 2006 through donations from foundations, private individuals, and various institutions. The most significant of these was the book collection campaign by Duna Television, which received contributions from all over the world (from Australia to Canada). Thanks to this campaign, the library’s collection grew by another 70,000 copies.

In December 2006, the library moved to a new building, where it has been operating ever since. It is located in the renovated rooms of the Conference Center and occupies nearly 1000 square meters of space for the use of readers.

Our library’s well-prepared and helpful staff provides modern services for the students and faculty of the university. We support the professional and scientific activities of the university through organizing courses and providing up-to-date information resources. Our work is characterized by enthusiasm, accuracy, creativity and reliability. We consciously seek opportunities to achieve the satisfaction of our users who trust us.